The WRP Advantage


Established in 2014, Williams Realty Partners quickly became the pre-eminent Keller Williams team in Maine. This didn’t happen by accident. From the day our doors first opened, our mission has been to act as a fiduciary for our clients, consistently putting their financial interests ahead of anything else.


Over time, our reputation as trustworthy real estate advisors spread, one client at a time. We have always loved nothing more than when a buyer or seller walks into our office and walks out with a potentially game-changing, wealth-building strategy that they never knew existed. 


We strive to be our clients’ go-to resource for all things real estate–and for things not related to real estate. We are not just here for the length of one real estate transaction. Our goal is to be here for the long term, providing area resources, expert advice and friendship through the years. Often, we provide wealth-building guidance for two or three generations of the same family.


That’s the WRP difference.


For years, we have sold more homes than any other Keller Williams team in the state, and we consistently rank in the top 100 Keller Williams teams in the world. Through pinpoint pricing, extensive marketing and sharp negotiating skills, we routinely produce the highest sale price vs. list price for our seller clients.


Those statistics are a great source of pride, of course, but we are far more than that.


We have hand-picked a team of area experts in order to help you thoroughly assess each community in the Seacoast and Lakes region. These area experts study your goals, whether you are a first-time home buyer or a seasoned investor. They are trained to know the ins-and-outs of any area you are considering. Being embedded within these towns and cities allows them to find hidden opportunities that other realtors might miss.


And when you list a property for sale with WRP, a single, dedicated property specialist does a deep dive into every aspect of your house and land. They ensure that buyers will see all of your home’s assets so that they can love your home as much as you do.


When someone decides to work with us, they can expect concierge-level service, no matter who they are. We have a group of in-house professionals who provide the highest level of service, including a highly skilled real estate photographer/videographer, and our own talented graphic designer. Both of these experts ensure that every home we list is presented to buyers at its absolute best.


Our seasoned administrative team ensures that every milestone in the journey of buying and selling a home is completed. Everything is kept on track for the scheduled closing day.


In addition to our in-house staff, our roster of allied community partners is second-to-none. Through Williams Realty Partners, clients can get painting done or repairs made even before their home is listed for sale.


And if a need arises for a surveyor, an engineer, attorney, electrician, plumber, excavator or HVAC company? No worries–we’ve got a guy for that, too. We even have a rental division that can place our clients in one of our rental units, either short- or long-term. For our investment buyers, we have a property management division. Every contingency is covered.


Since 2014, Troy Williams and the WRP team combined have sold more than 1,500 homes. Every year, we are happy to report that we have sold some of the most expensive and the least expensive homes in our market. With that kind of volume and variety, we have gained an expertise that is unsurpassed.

We are looking forward to a future that includes you in our circle.