Low Housing Inventory Easing in 2024? | Ask Troy

couple disappointed by housing search

Q. We've been looking for months, but it seems like there's just no houses out there for us. Is this going to change anytime soon??


In 2023, the number of national home sales were the lowest they’ve been since 1995. That’s a staggering statistic.

Our area followed that national trend:

In York, there were 338 residential home sales in [...]

Fresh Maine Blueberries - August Is The Time!


Get Em While It's Hot!

Wild Maine bueberries are not just scrumptious; they're also incredibly good for you. These tiny powerhouses are packed with antioxidants, vitamin C, and fiber, making them the ultimate guilt-free snack. It's like nature's way of saying, "Here, have a healthy and delicious [...]

How - and Why - To Stage Your Home For Sale

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Q. We’ve already moved and now we want to sell the house. It’s completely empty - should we ‘stage’ it?


At Williams Realty Partners, staging is a process we use for almost every house we sell. Staging doesn’t always mean putting furniture in an empty home, either. Sometimes we stage a home when we remove something, like clutter, or have [...]

Home Buyer Tips On Getting Your Offer Accepted - Ask Troy

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Q. My husband and I are starting our house-hunting journey. There’s so many other buyers – what do we do to stand out from the crowd?


Many people think that the highest bid always gets the house, but it’s not always true. Yes, price is one of the biggest factors in negotiations, but financing and due diligence are right up there [...]

Lack of Inventory = New Home Construction in Maine | Ask Troy

new home construction in maine



Q. We've been hearing about less and less housing inventory - what's the solution?


It’s been all over the news and on everyone’s mind when it comes to current real estate market...NO inventory.


It’s true.


It is having a big impact and it’s reframing what real estate looks like now and will look like in the future. The best way to [...]

Are You Scared of the Process of New Construction? | Ask Troy

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Q. I’m considering new construction for my retirement home, but I get overwhelmed just thinking about it. Should I do it?


You’re not alone – being intimidated by the process is probably the biggest reason that people don’t explore new construction.


We frequently work with people who have all heard the same horror stories about time and cost overruns, untrustworthy home builders, [...]

Is The Real Estate Market Quiet Right Now? | Ask Troy

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Q. Is the real estate market really quiet now?


A. It was a relatively quiet November and December. January 2023, however, started off with a bang. We’ve seen very large numbers of serious buyers at our recent open houses.


One reason that buyers are out there is that pricing has eased a bit from the unsustainable highs of the past two [...]

Home Connectivity and Home Desirability | Ask Troy

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Q. Are there any upgrades I can make that are especially desirable to today's buyers?


One of the things that comes up now–that wasn’t an issue 10 years ago–is connectivity.


More and more of our home life is wireless: appliances, thermostats, cameras and more are connected to the internet. Landline phones are going the way of the [...]

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