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A Special Closing: 814 Hopper Road in Acton, Maine

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My husband and I were married for almost a year and still living apart because we didn't have the space he needed for his work. Jordyn Koelker helped us find a new home and we listed my house in Acton, Maine. I didn't get any offers I liked, but my husband and I needed to move on the contract for our new house. The Hopper Road property was taken off the market and rented. 

While my house was listed, the buyers attended Jordyn's open house. They fell in love with the house then and there, but weren't quite ready, and then it came off the market. They would go to other open houses and think, "this is nice, but it's not the red house." And they didn't find any agents that they wanted to work with either. The red house wasn't on the market any more, but they remembered Jordyn from the open house there. The buyers said, "Jordyn was so sweet and friendly and not pushy!". When they reached out they described the red house that they loved so much; they understood it wasn't available anymore, but they wanted something as close as they could get to that special red house.

I still remember the excited phone call from Jordyn. She told me that one of the buyers from the open house was in love with my house and couldn't find anything else they liked nearly as much, and were ready to buy. It was an amazing day, and Jordyn balanced both sides effortlessly throughout the transaction. The buyers are thrilled to have their perfect house, and I'm amazed that someone loves my house as much as I do! It just goes to show that the right realtor might have exactly what you need right up their sleeve!

- Kate Cobb


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    July 2018 Home Sales

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    July 2018 Home Sales

     19 Clayton Lane in Kittery, Maine

     Sold for $425,000





     8 Kimball Farm Lane in York, Maine

     Sold for $525,000





     369 Isaacs Turn Lane in Barrington, New Hampshire

     Sold for $550,000






     10 Hill Creek Drive in Kittery, Maine

     Sold for $339,500





     5 Udell Park in York, Maine

     Sold for $1,265,000





     228 Upper Cross Road in Lebanon, Maine

     Sold for $280,000






     15 Algonac Avenue in York, Maine

     Sold for $900,000






     13 Eastern Avenue in York, Maine

     Sold for $735,000





     244 Mallego Road in Barrington, New Hampshire

     Sold for $305,000





     12 Norwood Farms Road #5 in York, Maine

     Sold for $356,500





     29 Cable Street in Wells, Maine 

     Sold for $409,500





     4 Bayberry Street in Wells, Maine

     Sold for $525,000





     258 Ridge Road in York, Maine

     Sold for $310,000





     12 Snap Hook Drive in York, Maine

     Sold for $120,000






     120 Scituate Road in York, Maine

     Sold for $215,000 






    21 Clayton Lane in Kittery, Maine

     Sold for $410,000





     18 Goose Point in Kittery, Maine

     Sold for $785,000






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