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Recent Home Sales - June 2019

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Recent Homes Sales for June 2019

 26 Landry Road in Waterboro, Maine

 Sold for $410,000






 11 York Shores Drive in York, Maine

 Sold for $400,000






 195 Canterbury Road in Wells, Maine

 Sold for $339,000






 72 Rochester Road in Berwick, Maine

 Sold for $230,000






 55 Fox Ridge Drive in Berwick, Maine

 Sold for $233,000






 13 Summer Street #2 in Farmington, New Hampshire

 Sold for $140,000






 63 Caincrest Road in York, Maine

 Sold for $23,500






 67 Hidden Brook Drive in Wells, Maine

 Sold for $369,900






 16 Paul Street in York, Maine

 Sold for $345,000






 115 Long Beach Avenue #6 in York, Maine

 Sold for $475,000






 1 Andrews Way in York, Maine

 Sold for $285,000






 338 Heath Road in Lebanon, Maine

 Sold for $235,000






 11 Turkey Street in York, Maine

 Sold for $210,000






 1 Mill Ridge Farm Lane in York, Maine

 Sold for $298,700






 79 Long Causeway Road in Waterboro, Maine

 Sold for $249,900






 9 Schaffer Lane in Eliot, Maine

 Sold for $235,000






 8 Wavecrest Drive in York, Maine

 Sold for $525,000






 337 Long Sands Road #3 in York, Maine

 Sold for $225,000






 15 Punky Parkway in Sanford, Maine

 Sold for $239,000






 4 Tidemeadow Lane in York, Maine

 Sold for $649,900 





 294 Little River Road in Lebanon, Maine

 Sold for $251,000 





 44 Back Cove Estates #44 in Portland, Maine

 Sold for $299,000






 446 Brixham Road in Eliot, Maine

 Sold for $429,900






 159 Hubbard Road in Berwick, Maine

 Sold for $391,250






Not pictured:

3 Riverbend Drive in Berwick, Maine - Sold for $345,500

8 Walnut Street in Old Orchard Beach, Maine - Sold for $470,000

14 Ians Way in Sanford, Maine - Sold for $239,891

517 Goodwin Road in Eliot, Maine - Sold for $480,550

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    Monthly Minute - July 2019

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    Vote for Williams Realty Partners here!






































    York Ambulance Association Interview:  

    WRP sat down with Karen Tucker, Chief of Operations to learn more.

    WRP:  Why did you decide to pursue this career?

    KT:  My dad was a firefighter and I really like helping people.  Also, I was influenced by the show “Emergency.”  I was 16 when I started a Junior service in my town.

    WRP:  How does one become an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)?

    KT:  The state offers classes and you have to put in 400 hours between classes and internships which are called “Ride Times.”  There are three levels: Basic EMT, Advanced EMT, and Paramedic.

    WRP: What does a typical day look like?

    KT:  The days start out the same.  We have a crew on 24-7 so the incoming team gets feedback from the crew that’s leaving.  We check and clean the ambulances and make sure the building is clean.  We have an apartment upstairs with sleeping quarters, kitchen, and living room and that gets cleaned every day, too.  After that, we are on standby.  Time is filled with studying or office work.

    WRP:  Is this your busy season?

    KT:  Yes.  In the summer, the population explodes and we see a rise in calls from 3-4 a day to 10-12 a day.

    WRP:  What do you want people to know about YAA?

    KT:  A lot of people don’t realize that it is a private non-profit.  We get some money from the town, but is nowhere near what it costs to maintain the services we provide.

    WRP:  What are the benefits of it being a non-profit?

    KT:  A lot of people have grown up in town that work for us so they go above and beyond doing extra things that a for- profit won’t do because we truly are part of the community.

    WRP:  What is the goal of the capital campaign?

    KT: Our needs are ongoing.  Currently, we are in need of a new ambulance.  The ones in South Berwick are from 2002 and 2010.  York’s are from 2006 and 2010.  We have had one remounted where the box is taken off and a brand new chassis is installed.  It is less expensive to do that than a brand new ambulance which costs about $265,000 today, but that costs around $100,000 so the need for funding is very real.

    WRP: So any amount helps?

    KT:  Yes.  We appreciate any donations no matter how large or small.


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