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Meet the Wiggly Bridge Distillery


Southern Maine truly represents quintessential New England living. You can't help but love where you live when taking in the breathtaking landscape and all that the area has to offer. Fortunately for all of us Southern Mainers, the wonderful attributes of the area don't stop here. We are also surrounded by so many unique businesses that contribute to what makes this region such a great place to live, work and play.


Wiggly Bridge Distillery is one of those great businesses, and we had the pleasure of talking to them recently. We love that they are family-owned and -operated, and that they share our value of the importance of community. We hope you enjoy learning about them as much as we did! 


It all started when…

It all started during a family dinner, with a joking statement of “let's make our own whiskey!” With a shared love for good whiskey and fascination to see how things are made, father and son team decided to explore the idea. David - and David - Woods researched and studied (some say obsessed) over how to build a still and process alcohol.


The nature and beauty of our own coastal town of York, Maine is their inspiration to bring small-batch spirits to the community. The ocean air and beautiful coastline create an environment for our distilled spirits unlike any other. Now, winning awards, this father and son duo are beginning to realize they really do have something special. As they explore and develop new products we want to share them with anyone who wants to follow our journey.


A fun fact about Wiggly Bridge Distillery…

The copper pot stills are handmade by the Woods'. Using YouTube videos as a guide, they handmade, hand rolled, and hand-riveted the copper stills that now produce award-winning products. Some would say it is a labor of love. The father-son duo chose this route because it yields superior taste found only in authentic, handcrafted spirits.


Did You Know?

The Route 1 location is open year-round. They make whiskey, bourbon, vodka, gin, rum, and the agave will be released soon!


Why Wiggly Bridge Distillery Stands Outs…

Wiggly Bridge Distillery started with the belief that being small is an advantage. By utilizing long forgotten styles and techniques in building our still, every dent and angle uniquely contributes to the flavor of our spirits. This business is a true passion and they take their products seriously.


It is a family affair with father and son heading production and operation and David Jr’s wife, Amanda, filling in the rest from marketing to inventory to events.


The Holidays are Coming. Here’s a Great Gift Idea!


Aside from exceptional handcrafted spirits, there are other fun experiential programs that have been a huge hit. There are monthly cocktail classes where you are able to sit up at our tasting bar and learn the tips and tricks of home bartending! They also offer tours and a Distiller-for-a-Day program where you are hands-on, making bourbon from grain to glass. These are perfect gifts, especially for that special someone who has everything already!


 Shop Local... It's Important!

We are a tourist town and our livelihood comes from tourists and locals alike. In regards to our business specifically, people have the choice to purchase their spirits from huge companies and sometimes at a cheaper price point.


Because we are local and do small batch spirits you are purchasing high quality, handmade products. Products that are made from locals themselves. There are NO hidden additives in our products, unlike the bigger companies who have a threshold that they do not need to disclose certain additives. We are proud of what we do.


What Do You Love About the Area?

The area itself is just beautiful and a perfect setting for all that we do. Tourists are always looking for something fun and interesting to do and we are happy to provide it. There is also a sense of strong sense of community.


Williams Realty Partners of Keller Williams Coastal and Lakes & Mountains is the #1 KW Team in Maine. We strive to provide an exceptional experience to all our clients, whether they are buying, selling, or investing in real estate. The team can be reached at 1-207-351-8188.


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