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For The Love Of Kittery Maine

For The Love Of  Kittery Maine

Williams Realty Partners sells a lot of real estate in Kittery, Maine. We’ve had listings from small cabins to million dollar waterfront mansions, and helped many buyers find their perfect homes in Kittery too.

There are thousands of reasons why we at WRP adore Kittery, but blog posts aren’t supposed to be that long. So below are just a few Kittery highlights for you to consider if you’re thinking about buying real estate in Maine but you’re still wondering where. You’ll just have to visit Kittery to find the rest. It won’t be a hardship, we promise.

Location, Location, Location

The world of coastal Maine real estate begins in the states’ oldest incorporated town – yep, you guessed it, Kittery (incorporated 1647).

You’ve heard the old adage that in real estate, it’s all about location, location, location? Consider that Kittery Maine occupies one of the most peaceful, picturesque, and water-centric locations in the entire state. We’re not just blowing real estate smoke here. Look at it - water, water everywhere!

 In the summer, Kittery is a swimming and boating paradise, what with its beaches, the Atlantic ocean, the deep-water harbor of the Piscataqua river, Spinney Creek, Spruce Creek, and Chauncey Creek. And these aren’t just itty-bitty ankle deep creeks, either. Beautiful in every season, these are broad, beautiful tidal rivers, deep and perfect for kayaking at high tide.

Expand outwards from Kittery, and things just get better. It’s just a hop, skip (and a really big jump) across the mouth of the Piscataqua river from Kittery Maine to New Hampshire and the lovely, lively city of Portsmouth, where there’s always something going on or somewhere fantastic to grab a bite to eat.

Kittery is also the gateway to all of Maine, an hour’s drive from the lakes region of New Hampshire, and just a bit more than that to the glorious White Mountains National Forest. By train, bus or car, the city of Boston is an easy hour away. If you’ve got farther to go, there are nearby airports in Portsmouth, Manchester and Boston.

Food, Glorious Food

Speaking of grabbing a bite, um, head to Kittery Maine. Hit up the all-you-can-eat Sunday brunch at Tulsi as often as you can. Sure, Kittery only has one Indian restaurant, but when it’s as acclaimed as Tulsi, why would you need another? There’s barbecue over at Ore Nell’s on the Piscataqua river, where they even barbecue tofu. Beach Pea bakery has phenomenal bread, and is the perfect spot for lunch. You can drool on the bakery window while waiting for your sandwich.

Terracotta Pasta Company across from Beach Pea sells these really awesome Sicilian olives, among other delish Italian prepared and frozen foods. Go to When Pigs Fly pizzeria for lunch or dinner, and then go next door to their bakery and sample every bread they have out that day. Or head out to Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier and sit outside, chowing fresh lobster with a pint of melted butter.

Kittery has some of the finest restaurants, ethnic and otherwise, bakeries, craft beer, and all the other places foodies revel in – we can’t possibly name them all, so do the Google thing and find your faves.

Shop Til You Drop

You can’t talk about Kittery without mentioning the Kittery Outlets. They got ‘em. Lots of ‘em. It’s the bomb. There’s a mile or so of shopping of every kind lining both sides of Route 1. Kate Spade, Swarovski, Eddie Bauer, you name it, it’s there. Occupying one corner is the renowned Kittery Trading Post, Mecca for outdoor enthusiasts.  And it’s Kittery, so you’re never far from water. Because Spruce Creek runs right through the outlets, there’s even opportunities for waterfront dining when it’s time to take a break.

It’s not just the big brand names at the outlets that makes for wonderful shopping in Kittery. Art galleries, antiques, great thrift stores and boutiques round out the offerings.

No one in Maine real estate sold more properties in Kittery than Williams Realty Partners in 2019. So if Kittery Maine sounds like a spot you’d like to land and stay for awhile, give us a call. We’ll show you around.




Recent Home Sales - January 2020

Recent Homes Sales for January 2020

 9 Hoitt Drive in Durham, New Hampshire

 Sold for $386,000









 205 Atlantic Avenue in Wells, ME

 Sold for $785,000






  5 Spinney Way, Unit #12 in Kittery, Maine

 Sold for $62,000






 31 Ocean Ave Unit 211 in York, Maine

 Sold for $420,000






 1801 N Berwick Lane Unit B in York, Maine

 Sold for $125,000






 426 Lebanon Road in North Berwick, Maine

 Sold for $259,000






 17 Tarton Road in York, Maine

 Sold for $347,500






 180 Grammar Road in Sanford, Maine

 Sold for $325,000





 15 Carrie Lane in Limerick, Maine

 Sold for $209,000






 9 Pheasant Lane in Eliot, Maine

 Sold for $379,900






 7 High St, in North Berwick, Maine

 Sold for $212,000





 9 Stockford Lane in Berwick, Maine

 Sold for $327,000





 365 Hubbard Rd in Berwick, Maine

 Sold for $355,000






 60 Burma Road (land only) in North Berwick, Maine 

 Sold for $143,904





 55 Broadway in York, Maine

 Sold for $785,000






 12 Webhannet in Wells, Maine

 Sold for $734,500






 28 School Street in Ogunquit, Maine

 Sold for $1,175,000





 757 Main Street in South Portland, Maine

 Sold for $184,000






 90 Freeman St Unit 2 in York, Maine

 Sold for $266,500







 53 Juniper Road (land sale) in York, Maine

 Sold for $265,000





 30 Atlantic Ave in Wells, Maine

 Sold for $800,000






 7 Ocean Avenue in Wells, Maine

 Sold for $2,100,000






 6 Sewalls Pasture Road in Cape Neddick, Maine

 Sold for $310,000






Not pictured:

8 Riverbend Drive in Berwick, Maine - Sold for $350,000

2 Caddy's Way, Unit A in York, Maine - Sold for $555,000

28 School Street in Ogunquit, Maine - Sold for $470,000

Williams Realty Partners of Keller Williams Coastal Realty is the number one Keller Williams Team in New England. WRP is a full service team collaborating to bring buyers and sellers together. With this structure, our agents get to spend their time doing what they do best: working with clients to provide an exceptional experience whether buying or selling a home.




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    Nothing To Do During A Maine Winter? Sip Whisky Until Spring!

    Sure, the real estate geniuses at Williams Realty Partners love Maine. A lot. Like all Mainers, though, we’ve had to teach ourselves a few survival skills over the years. Stuff like how to dodge black flies in May, how to dodge tourists in July & August, and how to entertain ourselves through the long, dark Januaries and Februaries.

    Fortunately, David Woods exists, and he can now rightfully be considered a southern coastal Maine survival strategy. For years, he’s fed us pizza and more at Woody’s at the beach – God bless him, he keeps it open year round so we have something to eat -- and now he and his son have turned their attention to mastering the art of small-batch distilling whisky, bourbon, vodka, gin, rum and agave. As it turns out, they’re pretty decent at it.

    The grand old 1880’s barn where Mr. Woods & Mr. Woods have set up shop as Wiggly Bridge Distillery has been many things over the last century and a half. In 2020, it’s metamorphosed into a perfect spot to sit and sip spirits by the fire and listen to live music on a cold winter day. Or how about on the porch on a hot summer day? Or maybe, if you’re on the distillery tour like WPR’s intrepid Director of Marketing Sarah Flickinger over there on the right, you too can thoughtfully sample different bourbons out back in the “rick house”, where heavenly smelling oak barrels are stacked high with spirits doing their aging thing. Sarah, of course, never ages. It’s probably all the bourbon sipping.

    Wiggly Bridge Distillery, York Maine’s finest (and only) small-batch distillery. Swing by the barn on Route 1 and say hi if you’re in York; you’ll be glad you did. Until you can get here, though, if you’re feeling the chill, make yourself one of these delicious Wiggly Bridge Hibernating Honey Bear cocktails and sip the winter away.


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      Recent Home Sales - December 2019

      Recent Homes Sales for December 2019

       21 (lot 10) Lavery Lane in Sanford, Maine

       Sold for $382,780






       127 Dow Road in Gorham, Maine

       Sold for $249,000






       119 Pleasant St in Eliot, Maine

       Sold which closed today for $295,000.






       316 Hiltons Lane in Wells, Maine

       Sold for $195,000






       38 Seaview Drive in Wells, Maine

       Sold for $900,000






       751 Main Street, Unit 95 in South Portland, Maine

       Sold for $180,000






       826 Morrills Mill Road in North Berwick, Maine

       Sold for $296,000






       83 Rogers Road in Kittery, Maine

       Sold for $327,500






       16 Lindsay Road in Hooksett, New Hampshire

       Sold for $385,000





       164 Long Swamp Road in Berwick, Maine

       Sold for $350,000






       27 Pepperell Way in York, Maine

       Sold for $750,000





       10 Egret Circle in York, Maine

       Sold for $469,500






       7 French Cross Road in Madbury, New Hampshire 

       Sold for $364,000






       46 Cedar Lane in Ogunquit, Maine

       Sold for $389,900







      7 Riverbend Drive in Berwick, Maine

       Sold for $365,000





       142 Nubble Road in York, Maine

       Sold for $2,010,000






       9 Maple Ave in Kittery, Maine

       Sold for $255,000






       31 Riverside Farm Drive in Lee, New Hampshire

       Sold for $389,900






       18 Teakettle Lane in Wells, Maine

       Sold for $350,500






       339 McCurdy Road in New Boston, New Hampshire

       Sold for $350,000






       252 US Route 1 in York, Maine

       Sold for $390,000






       6 Oxford Court in Kennebunk, Maine

       Sold for $289,000






       1 Patriots Lane in Kittery, Maine

       Sold for $388,000






       143 Dow Highway in South Berwick, Maine

       Sold for $229,500






       15 Drake Lane in Kittery, Maine

       Sold for $474,500






       13 Elizabeth Lane in Kittery, Maine

       Sold for $150,000






      Not pictured:

      108/110 Norton Street in South Berwick, Maine - Sold for $270,000

      10 Cole Lane in South Berwick, Maine - Sold for $497,500

      TBD Quiet Pine (Parcel H) in Kittery, Maine - Sold for $103,000

      TBD Quiet Pine Lane (parcel B) in Kittery, Maine - Sold for $120,000

      Williams Realty Partners of Keller Williams Coastal Realty is the number one Keller Williams Team in New England. WRP is a full service team collaborating to bring buyers and sellers together. With this structure, our agents get to spend their time doing what they do best: working with clients to provide an exceptional experience whether buying or selling a home.


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