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Good Things Are Coming To York Village!



The town of York Maine covers a large area and is composed of several different and distinct neighborhoods; Cape Neddick, York Harbor, York Beach and York Village.

Over the years, residents of York thought that the Village had begun to lose some of its “center of everything” feel.  In 2011, this was formally addressed during a community workshop and the consensus was that “York Village feels more like an intersection than a village”.  People were tending to move through York Village, rather than stopping and staying and taking in the atmosphere of this wonderfully scenic and walkable part of York.


Pictured: The Old Gaol, York Village

What followed was the creation of the “Revitalization Project”.  The mission of this project is to enhance the framework of tho se unique cultural and physical qualities that already exist (historic buildings and homes, beautifully landscaped properties, schools, golf course and civic attractions) and supplement them with more residential and retail destinations, a better traffic pattern, and a cohesive network of sidewalks, green spaces, trails, and all those other “little things that count”. 

< id="docs-internal-guid-55acff71-7fff-4aa7-9bba-810a2593dc55">And that’s where we came in.

id="docs-internal-guid-55acff71-7fff-4aa7-9bba-810a2593dc55">Williams Realty Partners is a  passionate and dedicated real estate team whose individual roots are planted deep in Maine history, many going back to the town’s very earliest days as an English colony. We are a part of the York Maine community as professionals, yes -- but this is also our home.  As such, we feel an obligation and desire to be a part of the plan to revitalize York Village.  We are doing our part to keep the project moving with our introduction of Bristol Pointe.  

id="docs-internal-guid-55acff71-7fff-4aa7-9bba-810a2593dc55">With an expected completion date of Fall 2021, York’s newest luxury in-town condominiums at Bristol Pointe will offer modern coastal Maine living in historic York Village.  Nestled privately in the center of it all at 298 York Street, Bristol Pointe follows the mission of the revitalization project -- tailored towards providing more Village residential and commercial space, while keeping in harmony with the heart and spirit of the center of York.

Good things are coming to York Village!

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